Centralized log transformation at the edge

Unique Cloud-native Platform With
Multi Cloud Log management


A codeless log pipeline management, Opsbrew facilitates log shipping from any source to any destination. A log collector agent is placed at the edge, where logs are sanitized and transformed before it reaches the log analytics fabric. At a time, when the requirements of the security teams are mounting due to the highly scalable modern cloud-native stack, Opsbrew offers a dynamic log ingestion platform that can fuse log management across the multi-cloud and diverse SIEM tools.

Key Features

We handle all the transformation such as automated log parsing, filtering, and data masking, etc at the edge, so the customer has full data ownership

We democratize the log management for customers from a storage and processing standpoint, giving the customer the full freedom to use the toolchain of their preference in the environment of their choice

Our endpoint alerts are triggered when logs aren’t generated or there is a spike in log anomalies or similar anomalies. This feature brings improved situational awareness into security operations.

Log processing is handled by us at the edge, before the destination thereby reducing cost thus improving the quality and flexibility of the SIEM’s architecture.

Our Log-flow dashboard allows you to track your logs flowing from sources to destinations. Opsbrew ensure integrity and reliability of your log

We offer support for multiple sources and protocols to ingest logs.


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Start building log ingestion pipelines on your Azure AKS clusters


Our Advanced Features

Health monitoring dashboard

Monitor and discover log patterns, the health of the log collector and set alerts for critical metrics

Cloud based log archival

Send selected logs to Azure Blob, AWS S3 or Google cloud storage for long term retention in raw format

Log lifecycle management

Manage the lifecycle of logs stored in Cloud storage from our console

Easy integration with BI tool

Connect to any of the BI tools like Kibana, Grafana etc from provided analytics engines

With or without agents

Use any of the open-source lightweight agents from Elastic or Fluentd. Or send logs without installing agents via Syslog, HTTP, TCP/UDP listeners

Message & file-based interfaces

Send logs from files using an agent or send logs using Syslog, HTTP, TCP/UDP methods

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The Opsbrew is licensed with you, the customer in mind.
We don’t charge you based on the volume of logs processed.

Our solution in a nutshell is centralized log transformation at the Edge
A Centralized log management solution helps you to collect and distribute your log data from varieties of applications and devices.
Pipelines are Centralised log management system in generic. You can create n number of pipelines according to your license.
Either customer or Adfolks(with additional cost) will manage the K8's cluster provisioned in customer's environment.
K8's cluster with loadbalancer support
Yes, Opsbrew can help by placing a log collector agent on every environment whether on-premise or in the cloud, thereby giving the customer a unified view of the data.
Yes, we can. Since we are positioned in the space of cloud-native SIEM vendors such as Azure Sentinel and our product complements these modern SIEMs, we can accelerate the enterprise's adoption of SIEM Modernization.
The key differentiator of Opsbrew is that it uses processing on edge, the other line of pre-processing, and standardization of logs. It transforms the logs at the edge that will be near to the enterprises’ log source which ensures that the enterprises have complete control over their logs.
The Opsbrew is licensed with you, the customer, in mind. We don’t charge you based on the volume of logs processed. Because ultimately data is flowing and stored in your environment.

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